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“It all began in 1881 when Pierre Fouriaux, a mason, came to work in Paris and rented a house at 23, rue Fondary. His wife, Marie, follows him and works small jobs in the surrounding area. They ended up buying the accommodation in 1901, and built 4 additional floors to accommodate masons from their native region, Creuse. The “Family” residence was born.
Their daughter, Jeanne, married a boarder, Eugène Rameix, an ambitious and hardworking mason, who became a public works engineer by taking evening classes. They will have two children: Roland and Pierre. In 1929, the family bought the building at 11, rue Fondary and founded the Pacific Hotel, in homage to my great-grandfather who loved the sound of the Pacific locomotive so much.
Pierre Rameix, my grandfather, a man with a big heart but without business acumen, let his wife Françoise take charge, following the death of Jeanne, in 1967. Françoise, my grandmother, will take care of the establishment for 27 years, 70 rooms without private toilets – another era and great courage. I happily spent my Wednesdays with her, enjoying the family atmosphere that she knew how to maintain in the hotel.
Of their three children, only Michèle – my mother – was passionate about the profession and took over the business in 1989. She renovated and modernized the hotel: television and toilets in the rooms, buffet breakfast… For the record, there was no television until 1990: my grandfather considered that it did not allow the spirit to elevate. In 1995, 10 – 15 years ahead of schedule, Michèle created the first studio residence in Paris, renting tourist studios by the week.
The story continues, with my arrival in 2021, after having reproduced the evolution of my ancestors – I too am a public works engineer. I have taken over for many years – this is my intention – with the same state of mind: family, big heart, dedication and work, desire to always improve the Pacific Hotel and customer service.”

Rémi, Owner and Director

A family story

Victor – Panama
“I will definitely come back! Very kind staff and amazing location, within walking distance of the Eiffel Tower and metro stations. The staff is amazing and attentive, and they also allowed us to leave after check out time. Beautiful room, bigger than expected!”