Discover our family hotel with excellent value for money, located just 10 minutes on foot from the Eiffel Tower!

You will come for the location and come back for our exceptional customer service.


Our family hotel displays its charms, just 10 minutes walk from the Eiffel Tower, a beautiful location for good value for money, and above all, exceptional service.
A family spirit and a quality experience, in comfort and kindness: our customers love it and they come back.
The aesthetic combines with warmth and accessibility.
On our website we are happy to offer you up to an additional 15% discount.

The Pacific Hotel and its rooms, simplicity and creative architecture.

The trend is deliberately family-friendly, with exceptional value for money and service in a welcoming setting and quiet comfort. Our rooms will relax you and the collective spaces will charm you.

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A real lively neighborhood, 10 minutes walk from the Eiffel Tower.

You will enjoy the tourist circuits and then relax in a happy family atmosphere.

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The hotel has a history.

Over the decades and generations, a simple apartment, a 10-minute walk from the Eiffel Tower, became the Family residence and then developed into a large hotel, proud of its exceptional service, its family atmosphere and the quality/price ratio offered to each of you.

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